Review of CV writing service

The Overview

The cv-service appears to be a fly-by-night company that designed their website in the early 1990’s. At first glance, we were unable to determine if they were a cv writing advice column or a cv writing service.  After extensively reviewing their website, we accidently bumped into the PayPal button which would let us purchase their services.

We found the lack of testimonials and clearly defined services alarming. In our opinion, this website was created twenty plus years ago with few revisions since then. We are concerned the company has ceased operations.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on website, we feel they deserve a 1 star rating. The company does not clearly state the purpose of the website. We were unable to find out the services they offered without hunting throughout the entire website. Although their LinkedIn pages claims the company was founded in 1989, there is not one testimonial from past customers. If a company has been in business for twenty plus years, we would expect an entire page of testimonials. So, it is should be perfectly understandable as to why we do not see as being one of the top cv writing services nor as one of the best cv writing services.

Customers Ranking

On, we did not find a single testimonial. Also, we did not find one testimonial on their LinkedIn page. If not for the LinkedIn page, we would have thought this website and company shut down many years ago.

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