The Overview

The appears to be a recently established professional CV writing service. Although their website has a wealth of information about the services they offer and that is easily navigated, their website appears to be a professional work at website design.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on CV-writing-services website located at, we feel they deserve a 3 star rating. Although their CV writing service appears to be near the middle of the pack, we feel their website has a lot that subtracts from the overall feel of their service.  We think the website needs to be re-designed as soon as possible to boost confidence in their CV writing service.

Another drawback is the ordering process. Although it is a straight-forward process, the purchaser must fill in a substantial amount of information before the order is actually placed. If a quicker ordering process were available, we would have rated them a 4 start CVs writing service.

Overall, based on this rating would do not consider them to be one of the top CV writing services or one of the best CV writing services.

Customers Ranking

On CV-Writing-Services page, there are six testimonials along the bottom side of their website. Although the testimonials are positive for their CV writing service, they are only snippets of actual testimonials listed with first names only. If they were to include surnames and the entire testimonial on a separate page, it would enhance the credibility of the entire website.

Other Review Found

We have not found any other reviews about

Is a Scam?

We don’t have any reasons to believe is a scam.  They should enhance their testimonials to lend credibility to their CV writing service.