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Running a small business is difficult, and one of the biggest challenges that faces budding entrepreneurs is competing for a place in the market. Internet marketing is a valuable tool for any business, but more often than not, smaller companies cannot afford to spend large amounts on web design and marketing, and end up producing simplistic, informative, no frills websites to advertise their services. A review of shows that it is such a business. There is nothing wrong with having a simple site to advertise your professional CV writing site, but you still have to put in a significant amount of effort in in order to really benefit. Unfortunately, falls short in a number of ways. The first big problem is that the site itself is incredibly sparse. The copy is limited and a bit vague, and doesn’t really give you any information about the services on offer. It also fails to sell a prospective client, and when you do not have a lot of money to play with, your copy is really the only tool that you have to hook users. The site is very plain – a white background and easy navigation options. These kinds of professional writing services either end up winning clients because they are direct and to the point, or they fail because they are drab and uninspired. Despite the fact that seems to perform well as a professional writing service, it is unfortunately a site in the latter category, and simply cannot compete with the top CV writing services out there.

Editorial Rating

It is always sad to give a negative review, but after a thorough review of, it earns a score of 1.5 stars out of a possible 5. The copy does not intrigue visitors, the site lacks visual appeal, and it does not put up enough fight to win any significant share of the market.

Customer Ranking

Customers who are really clueless about how to handle an interview, write a cover letter, or construct a CV would maybe benefit from the services available at, but it is impossible to gauge their feelings regarding as there are no testimonials to be found.

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Is A Scam?

While scam allegations may exist, is clearly not a fraudulent service – it’s just small.