Review of CV writing service

The Overview

The CV Centre appears to be a long-established professional cv writing service. In fact, they seem to be one of the oldest cv writing services online. They have a wealth of information available on their website from testimonials to contact information. Unfortunately, we feel they try to introduce all this information at once. Their services are clearly defined along with their prices and ordering information. The testimonials are ideally placed, but an additional, separate page would be best in our opinion.

Attention to Readers have changed their website name to and we welcome you to read our updated review.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on The CV Centre website located at, we feel they deserve a 4 star rating. Although their cv writing service appears to be top-of-the-line, we feel the first minor drawback is that their home page introduces too much information at once.

The other minor drawback is their ordering process. Although it is clearly defined in the navigation menu, it is rather lengthy. We feel they constantly try to upsell their services throughout the entire ordering process. If they could shorten their ordering process, we would have given The CV Centre a 5 star rating.

Customers Ranking

On The CV Centre, there are five to six testimonials along the right side of their website. Although we feel this is a good start for testimonials, there should be an additional, separate page dedicated entirely to past customers’ experiences. Further, we feel if there was an independent website of their testimonials, it would further enhance the overall trustworthiness of the entire site.

Other Reviews Found

We have not found any other reviews about The CV Centre. So we cannot conclude whether or not they are one of the best CV writing services nor can we find out whether their academic CV writing is up to standards.

Is a Scam?

We don’t have any have reason to believe The CV Centre is a scam. They have five or six testimonials on their home page and don’t have any reason to believe they are not true and accurate.