Review of CV writing service

The Overview

The CV Consultants appears to be an established professional cv writing service. They have extensive information about the services they offer along with an easy straight forward ordering process. They clearly state the services they offer along with their professional educational backgrounds, how to contact them, and much more. It is also refreshing to see they claim not to be the biggest cv writing service, just the best cv writing service.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on CV Consultants website located at, we feel they deserve a 4 star rating. Although their cv writing service appears to be top-notch, we feel their home page is a little too congested. We are not completely confident in their ability to receive orders in a timely and straight-forward way. Of course, we are confident in their ability to fulfill all orders. However, even though we did take away a star we do see a potential for them to become a top cv writing services.

Customers Ranking

On CV Consultants, in the top navigation menu, there is a clearly defined link for ‘testimonials’. Once the testimonial page is opened, there is an entire page of satisfied, past customers. Although all the reviews claim they had a great experience with CV Consultants, we are less apt to trust testimonials posted on a companies own website. Of course, we don’t have any reason to believe they are not true. We wish there were additional testimonials on independent websites where the original author could be contacted to verify the comments.

Other Reviews Found

We have not found any other reviews about CV Consultants.

Is a Scam?

We don’t have any have reason to believe CV Consultants is a scam or a fraud .They have many testimonials on their website which appear to be trustworthy. Of course, we do wish there were additional testimonials on other independent websites such as LinkedIn. With more reviews of we could be sure that they were 100% legit.