Review of CV Writing Service

The Overview

С appears to be a recently established company that offers professional CV writing services. Their website is dated but it does have an adequate navigation menu.  Their website explains the services they offer, customer testimonials, the free information available, and much more. The free information is especially valuable to any client just beginning their CV writing journey. It gives excellent tips on what should and should not be in the different types of CVs.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on CV Resume Service website, we believe they deserve a 3 star rating. Although the website is a bit dated, it has an excellent online ordering process. Although the orders are processed through PayPal, each individual service is placed into a shopping cart and sub-totaled along the way. The prices are clearly marked so there are not any surprises. Once the client is done shopping, the shopping cart can be viewed and edited then the client can check-out using PayPal.

The one drawback is the website design and layout. Although the behind the scenes functionality is well-built, the front-end website is dated and needs to be refreshed soon. We feel with a complete overhaul, this company would gain at least one additional star plus would add considerable credibility to their  CV writing service.

Customers Ranking

On, there are is an entire page devoted to customer testimonials. All of the testimonials are positive and seem to be written by past customers and are credible. Of course, an independent website with reviews would enhance their credibility.

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Is a Scam?

We don’t have any reason to believe is a scam or fraud. The page of testimonials lends credibility to the company. They are appear truthful, accurate and credible. Also, the customers who have left reviews of this CV writing service seem to think that they are one of the top CV writing services and even one of the top CV writing services. Not to mention the fact that they allow you to make your payment securely through PayPal.