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Conducting a review of shows that it is lacking a few of the key elements that characterize a top CV writing service. The best CV writing services are known or a dynamic combination of style, visual appeal, creative copy, ease of navigation, and a sense of something special that is usually bolstered by features such as Skype chat, a blog feature, links to leading social media sites, or really powerful testimonials. When reviewing it is sadly evident that while the framework for a basic website is in place, none of the abovementioned necessities are in place. The site is a WordPress derivative, and this creates a feeling of a commentary site more than a top CV writing service. The blog articles are interesting but offer little in the way of compelling reasons to use ahead of other professional CV writing services. The visuals are very simple and bland, and the few visuals on offer seem unrelated and generic. Most worryingly, there are no testimonials to encourage one to actually invest in the service. It seems that deals with reasons to use a professional CV writing service instead of advertising themselves, or even giving visitors any indication that there is a service on offer. All in all this is a rather disappointing website that does not carry the kind of clout needed to stand out as a truly top CV writing service.

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From an editorial or critical perspective, it is difficult to find any credit or points of merit at, and thus a thorough review of earns it a rating of one star out of a possible five. This is a very low rating, but is warranted when one considers the fact that it lacks almost every element of the best CV writing services. The site is functional, in a programming sense, and the articles are informative, but as far as professional CV writing services go, has very little to offer.

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It is impossible to find out what customers think of because there is no evidence to be found. There are no testimonials or references, so to be honest, one cannot form any opinion except for a personal.

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At the time of writing there were no other reviews of to be found.

Is A Scam?

Surprisingly, is legitimate.