Review of CV Writing Service

The Overview appears to be a well-established company with a long history that offers professional CV writing services. Their website is up-to-date with a crisp, modern feel. It has a wealth of information on their homepage from sample CVs’ to their prices and services. Unfortunately, their prices are not listed online. We had to send the company an e-mail to get the prices for the different services they offer.

A huge drawback to the website is there is not a way to process online orders. All details are e-mailed between the company and the clients.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on website, we believe they deserve a 2 star rating. The website is well laid-out, but it has some serious drawbacks. First, the navigation menu has a link for ‘Services and Prices’ that actually accomplishes very little. E-mail must be used to send the company the clients’ CV and to get a price for the new CV the company proposes to do.

The second major drawback to the website is there is not any way to process and order. Since they do not publish their prices online, there is not a mechanism in place or process any orders. We feel this is a huge drawback compared to other online CV writing services. The rating would have been at least two stars higher if this function was integrated into the website. Also, we feel that due to the issues we have outlined above that they are not one of the best CV writing services not are the one of the top CV writing services.

Customers Ranking

On, there are not any customer testimonials, but they are members of three different CV writing service organizations. All three are listed in the left-hand column with links which takes the client to the organizations websites. We feel this is adequate for credibility but customer testimonials would enhance it even further.

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Is a Scam?

We don’t have any reason to believe is a scam due to the fact that nothing bad has been said about them online.