Review of CV writing service

The Overview

Professional CV Service appears to be a long-established professional cv writing company that offers professional cv writing services. Although their website is out of date, it offers easy navigation and clearly displays all relevant details concerning the services the company provides along with the prices, which are prominently displayed. We feel they deal with the entire gamut of applicants who are looking for employment.

Their ordering process is somewhat different from many other cv writing services. Initially, we thought they want the client to re-enter their details on their form, but there is an option to upload their current cv also.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on Professional CV Service website located at, we believe they deserve a 3 star rating. The website is well laid-out, but a bit dated. We feel like a general overhaul of the website is needed in the very near future.

The website is easy to navigate though with a small-ish menu at the top showing all relevant areas. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see with the colors used.

Their prices are inline with other cv writing services who serve the same general clientele.  So, since they have nothing that really makes them stand out from the other cv writing services that we may have read about when reading cv writing service reviews we would have to say that they cannot be considered as one of the top cv writing services not can they be considered as one of the best cv writing services.

Customers Ranking

On, there are not any customer testimonials. We feel like the website would benefit with an entire page of past clients’ testimonials. Although they do state they are the ‘CV Writer Award Winners’ for six different areas of cv writing, it does not state the organization that awarded that title.

Other Reviews Found

We have not found any other reviews about Professional CV Service.

Is a Scam?

We don’t have any reason to believe is a scam or fraud. If they were to update their website with a more modern, crisp design, it would lend the entire company more credibility. We feel that when a potential client sees a dated website like theirs whether their cv writing services might be dated also.