Review of CV Writing

The Overview

The CV Store appears to be a well-established professional cv writing service. There is extensive information on their website describing the services they offer, the free cv information available, how to contact them, and their various relationships with some of the major employers in the country. They also claim to have served 10000+ clients since 2001. We don’t have any reason not to believe this claim since they are so well established.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on The CV Store website located at, we feel they deserve a 5 star rating. We strongly feel they are one of the most established cv writing companies with their services clearly stated along with an easy ordering process through PayPal.  Their website is of professional quality which further instills confidence they are not a recent start-up company which may disappear over night. We can definitely see them becoming one of the best cv writing services in the future.

Customers Ranking

On The CV Store website, there is a clearly defined link to their LinkedIn page. On LinkedIn, they have 27 glowing reviews from past customers who rave about their service. In fact, some of the past customers are recommending The CV Store’s cv writing service to their own family and friends. The past customers appear to be prominent people who seem to make hiring decisions on a regular basis. There is not one negative comment about The CV Store writing service.

Their service is also recommended by ‘Dragon’ James Caan in his book “Get The Job You Really Want” on the front page of their website.  Customers also feel that this professional cv writing service is one of the best ones that they have ever had the chance to run across.

Other Reviews Found

We have not found any other reviews about The CV Store.

Is a Scam?

We have absolutely no reason to believe The CV Store is a scam. On the contrary, all of their past customers rave about their service. So, overall we feel that there is nothing funny going on about this company such as being a fraud company or anything of that nature based on the reviews about the CV Store.