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When conducting CV writing service reviews, there are a number of things that one has to look for. The first impression of any site is made by the whole feel and look of the site. The next step is to investigate the copy and quality of the services to see how they compete against similar services. Lastly, one has to attempt to judge the authenticity of what is on offer. Is it an overpriced scam? Or is it genuinely worth your investment. Analysing against these criteria reveals that it is a bit of a mixed bag of results. makes an incredibly bold visual statement – the large visuals and bright orange scheme will definitely draw you in, but then there is very little copy to substantiate why you should make use of their professional CV writing services. Would you be compelled by a simple bullet list? It is very disappointing to come across a great looking site and then be let down by the copy, but unfortunately, this is the case here. The packages are also very, very expensive, a fact that is not disguised by the free analysis of your existing CV – will probably tell you that you need to use their professional CV writing services so that you can succeed, so this ‘helpful tool’ is really just a marketing tool. It cannot be denied that what is better than not making use of any expert advice at all, but for the price and effort, you could probably get far more personal service elsewhere. Something just feels off here – a review of gives the feeling that the company is arrogant, and this does not engender any kind of positive response.

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A review of shows that it earns a rating of 3 stars (out of a possible 5). It is an average service, but the company is let down by a lack of copy and pricey services. It feels like does not want your business, and this is a feeling that lingers throughout time spent there.

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Customers do laud the services on offer, but this feels more like a marketing ploy – it is always possible to generate some positive feedback and make it seem like everyone is impressed.

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Is A Scam?

Absolutely not.