Review of CV Writing Servise

The Overview appears to be a well-established company that offers professional CV writing services. Their website is somewhat up-to-date with an unappealing look and feel.

Editorial Rating

Based on what we have seen on CV-Writing services website, we believe they deserve a 2 star rating. The website is well laid-out, but it has two serious drawbacks.

First, the website has a lot of information that is very spread out. We had to read the entire site just to get a feel for what the company did and how they would do our CV for us. If the information was condensed in concise language, it would be a plus for the company.

Second, and the most serious, drawback is the inability to place an order online. Although it appears at first glance that it would be possible, it is not. The company uses e-mail exclusively to place and process each order.

All of this results in them not being one of the best CV writing services nor one of the top CV writing services – in our eyes anyways.

Customers Ranking

On, there are is an entire page devoted to customer testimonials. All of the testimonials are positive and to be written by past customers and are believable. We wish there was an independent website to verify the accuracy of each testimonial.

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Is a Scam?

We don’t have any reason to believe is a scam or a fraud. The page of testimonials lends credibility to the company. They are appear truthful and accurate.