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Conducting a review of is a somewhat bizarre experience. The site is geared towards people who have decided that they need to change their career. The website, managed by an individual who is described as an author and CV writer, is essentially a guideline on what you need to take into consideration when looking for a new career path. But it is the strangest layout for a website ever. It features reams and reams of question and answer style copy that is intended to point out what you need to do. There are no navigation tabs to speak off, which means that you have to scroll down for hours to get to any meaningful information. To be honest, this is uninteresting and rather boring. This tedium is not improved in all by the fact that there is no visual appeal past the first 5% of the site, so it feels like you are reading a court manuscript or similarly redundant document. But the real question is about the purpose of the site. Is it in place to generate interest in professional CV writing services? Or is it just free information? The fact is that nothing is free. It is a totally pointless and arbitrary website, with little to offer anyone who is looking for a professional CV writing service, and it fails on a visual level too.

Editorial Rating

A thorough and critical review of reveals that it deserves a rating of 1 star out of a possible 5. There is almost nothing to redeem from this site and service, and it is only notable as a bizarre example on what not to do if you are interested in creating a professional CV writing service of your own. While writing reviews of and similar services is often difficult, it is essential as it allows users to distinguish top CV writing services from those that do not warrant your attention.

Customers Ranking

Once again it is very difficult to decipher what customers think of, because there are no testimonials on offer. People may have gleaned a lot of potentially helpful insight, but as far as testimonial evidence is concerned, here is really nothing to go on.

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Not surprisingly, there were no other reviews of to be found.

Is A Scam?

Although is strange, it’s legitimate.